Sunset Avenue – El Nido

5313 Taytay – El Nido National Hwy, Palawan, Philippines While staying in the Corong Corong area at The Last Beach Frontier Resort, we visited a little avenue called The Sunset Avenue. With lots of little shops and lovely little restaurants. And a delicious ice-cream shop! We couldn’t decide on which ice-creams to buy. So theContinue reading “Sunset Avenue – El Nido”

El Nido – Corong Corong

Accommodation: Last Frontier Beach Resort After our visit to Puerto Princesa we were of the another part of the island. Here we stayed at Last Frontier Beach Resort – booked through As I’ve said in my previous blogs, I’ve never experienced any problems when I’ve booked through And I have used this siteContinue reading “El Nido – Corong Corong”