Island Hopping in El Nido


  • 8:00am-8:30am hotel pick up
  • 9:30am depart El Nido Pier Harbor
  • Helicopter Island
  • Matinloc Shrine
  • 12:00pm lunch
  • Secret Beach
  • Tapiutan Island
  • Hidden Beach
  • 3:00pm end of tour

This was definitely one of our highlights of our whole trip to the island! This itinerary is only a basic idea – because it depends on certain circumstances – destinations could change – as ours did.

Again we’ve booked the TOUR through, because their prizes are very good! As you can see there’s THREE main options: Tour A, B or C. Basically I think it doesn’t matter which tour you choose – it will all be EXCELLENT!!

We chose Tour C and it was absolutely breathtaking! And our day was a beautiful sunny day. How lucky can we be?

Pick-up at hotel:

Make sure to wear some of those water booties, as their could be rocks in the water. If you don’t have booties, don’t worry, you can hire a pair right on the beach before you leave. Remember your sunscreen and a hat. As you are all day out on the open water. If you want to take pictures, make sure to have plastic bags that are water-resistant to safeguard to photography equipment or cellphones.

Another thing to keep in mind, take cool-drink and water with as there’s not really shops around to buy from. Only at some of the stops there’s locals on little boats that sell something to drink.

And we were lucky again, because I think we were only 8 tourists on our boat, so it wasn’t that crowded.

Just a few highlights of our day:

Matinloc Shrine
limestone rock formations
Delicious Lunch Included in the Tour Package
Me and the deep blue see

Island Hopping is a definite MUST in El Nido!!!

Sunset Avenue – El Nido

5313 Taytay – El Nido National Hwy, Palawan, Philippines

While staying in the Corong Corong area at The Last Beach Frontier Resort, we visited a little avenue called The Sunset Avenue. With lots of little shops and lovely little restaurants. And a delicious ice-cream shop! We couldn’t decide on which ice-creams to buy.

So the idea is to stroll through all the little shops. Have lunch or dinner their, the buy an ice-cream, then sit on the beach with your ice-cream and daydream while looking over the ocean!

El Nido – Corong Corong


Last Frontier Beach Resort

After our visit to Puerto Princesa we were of the another part of the island. Here we stayed at Last Frontier Beach Resort – booked through As I’ve said in my previous blogs, I’ve never experienced any problems when I’ve booked through And I have used this site a lot!

Last Frontier Beach Resort was absolutely excellent! The staff, the facilities, the food, just done to perfection. I will definitely give this establishment 10/10!

In El Nido town:

A real Treasure Chest

This random guy saw us and told us about this “treasure chest” that he has. At first I was scared just to o with anybody – but the two of us followed the guy . . . and there it was! Obviously there was no treasure inside, but just the experience was exciting for us. He told us the whole story of this chest and it actually belongs to his wife’s family.

Pyamaluguan Sabang Waterfall

The LONG WALK to find the waterfall!

As if we didn’t had enough exercise for one day, we’ve decided to have a quick visit to The Sabang Waterfall. I promise you . . . it wasn’t quick! But actually it was a very pleasant afternoon walk.

We walked through the village in Sabang and it was quite interesting to see how the locals live around here.

We walked all along the beach and was able take beautiful pictures as we went along.

We stopped at this area with all the interesting figures that were packed so artistically. More photographs were taken here on our way back.

LOTS of walking followed!!! But eventually we got to the WATERFALL.

You need to be warned . . . the beach is not soft and cover with sand – it is pebbles about all the way. So you need to put on comfortable shoes fit for this walking trip. Take enough water or something to drink as there are no shops on the way!

Again, if you love the beauty of nature . . . this WALK will be worth your while.

SABANG Mangrove Forest

Palawan – Philippines

Sabang Mangrove Forest

We’ve booked the Zipline and The Mangrove Forest on one day. As I’ve said we booked it with one of the locals – you will not make a mistake to book anything through KLOOK.

The amounts that you will probably pay.

After the hectic hike to get to the top of the Zipline it was great to have this tranquil ride on the river through beautiful nature. I drank in every minute of the beauty around me! It was amazing, absolutely stunning!

We were very lucky to have some afternoon rain to break the terrible heat of the day. If you truly love nature, I would advice anyone to do this tour. It was as if I “found myself” again – you are being ONE with nature. Coming from a busy lifestyle to this surroundings, just made me appreciate every little thing that I’ve experienced here in The Mangrove Forest. That it why I would advice you to do the Zipline first and then the forest – a perfect way to end the day!



A very busy active day!

Sabang X Zipline Adventure

An absolutely MUST!!! Stunning scenery, beautiful nature and what lifetime experience. I booked this activity with one of the locals in the area.

Before you eventually get to the zip-line area – be ready to WALK and WALK and WALK!!! For us it was a bit hectic, because we’re so unfit! But the whole walking experience was worth it. It’s a walk through a beautiful forest area, a nature-lover’s dream. When you get to the top it actually feels like you’ve accomplished something. The trip down the zip-line is breathtaking! I took a video while going down – and ca’t believe I actually did it. The view is amazing!

At the bottom of the Zip-line:

SABANG and the travels continue . . .

PALAWAN – Philippines

New little village awaits . . . Sabang.

We traveled from Puerto Princesa to Sabang with a “VAN”/Taxi. Very pleasant ride, very scenic all around. Again we’ve booked our transport ONLINE. It took about 3 hours, because of the stopover and then get onto Van number 2. But without any problems.

SABANG . . . O my!!!!! What a beautiful area!!! Definitely a piece of heaven! We just drank in the beauty the rest of the day and did not do much.

Accomodation in Sabang

Hill Myna Beach Cottages: Sabang, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Sabang, Philippines

Again I’ve booked beforehand through, without any problems. This type of accommodation was very cheap, but it fit in with the whole island vibe. If you love internet . . . . NO WI-FI here!!! We bought a drink at the restaurant next door, and then we got the Wi-Fi password there! So that was the only way to “connect” while we stayed here.

Throughout the day – NO ELECTRICITY!!! ONLY between 6 and 10 in the evening and a little while in the morning. So make sure to charge whatever you need to when there’s electricity. But to us it didn’t matter at all – because who wants to sit inside the whole day, if you have so many things to do and places to see?

We ended of the night by eating at one of the many little restaurants along the beach. The food was absolutely WOW!!!

If I must go back one day to Palawan, I would definitely visit Sabang again.

Our Tour continues . . .

The Island PALAWAN – Puerto Princesa: Philippines

Lazy morning at the pool

Spending most of the morning and afternoon at the pool and resting after our very busy day yesterday! But we’ve book a trip to see the famous FIREFLIES tonight!!!


Kitu-Kito D’Makarios Firefly Watching

Again we’ve booked through KLOOK to see the famous fireflies in Puerto Prinsesca. WOW! What an amazing experience!!! The only negative about this tour is – that you’re not allowed to take photographs, because it’s interfering with the natural environment of the fireflies . . . which I totally understood and respected.

We booked our trip with the buffet INCLUDED. And I must say the food was excellent! There was more than enough for even 2nd and 3rd helpings.

To us it was an amazing experience . . . being out at night on a boat, so peaceful and total serenity and the beauty of the little creatures sitting in the trees with their little fairy-lights blinking in the darkness . . . absolutely an amazing experience!!!

The Island Palawan

I will take you on a tour that we’ve done on the Island Palawan in the Philippines. Our trip was about 21 days and absolutely amazing!

We flew from South Africa (where I live) to Manila – the capital of The Philippines. We didn’t fly directly to the island, as the flight tickets would have been much more expensive if we did.


Personally I did not enjoy Manila the first time going there, as I’ve read so much about the dangers for tourists that lurked around each corner. But more detail about Manila later on with our return flight.


Kabayan Hotel Pasay – Manila

2878 Zamora Street corner EDSA Rotonda, Pasay, 1300 Manila.

I’ve done ALL my bookings through and never had any troubles doing so. In Manila we’ve stayed at Kabayan Hotel PasayVery cheap and also friendly staff. But I found the rooms a bit claustrophobic. But for R688 for 2 people (breakfast included). I surely couldn’t expect more.

The next day we took a TAXI from the hotel to the airport. Without any problems. I’ve prebooked a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesca through Air Asia and we had a very pleasant flight!

Puerto Princesca

We started our trip in Puerto Princesca and worked our way up to El Nido. At the airport we were picked up by the hotel’s airport shuttle which I’ve arranged beforehand.

At Puerto Princesca Intentional Airport


Marina de Bay Hotel Restaurant and Spa – Puerto Princesca

Purok Sandiwa, Barangay Tiniguiban, Palawan, 5300 Puerto Princesa City

What a stunning place! And the ladies at the SPA were excellent. Exceptionally friendly staff and helpfull. Our room was stunning with the most beautiful view over the lake! We’ve paid R2 780 for 2 people for 3 nights (Breakfast included).

The pool and spa area at Marina de Bay

Activities during our stay here:

The Underground River – World Heritage Site

At the Underground River we had to wait a while to go in – but eventually . . . WHAT AN Experience!!! WOW! WOW! While inside we had our earphones on, while we had a whole explanation of all the rock formations inside, and the tour-guide pointing it out as we went along. I would advice everybody to visit the Underground River – it’s a once in a lifetime experience!


Do NOT book excursions or activities through hotels or accommodation where you stay. It is usually much more expensive doing that! We had first hand experience. Rather book in town or ask around and speak to the locals.

The one booking site that we’ve used quite often was KLOOK. Their prices were very reasonable and pick-ups were always on time. We had great service from this company!

Viet Village

Viet Ville, in its early days, was a 13-hectare village with nearly 200 cottages for the families, a chapel, a Buddhist pagoda, a vast children’s playground, and a restaurant. Today, the only sign of life in Viet Ville flickers from the small restaurant that bears the village’s name. Tourists, as well as locals from Palawan, still come here for its spring rolls and rice noodles. The restaurant, originally established as a joint cooperative between Filipinos and Vietnamese refugee families, is now run by Filipinos with strong connections to the church and local government.

We just had a quick stop here, as we were on our way to a next attraction. Since we have visited Vietnam before, we could appreciate this little village.

Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village

The Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village was interesting if you are into insects, nature and culture. We’ve spend about 2 hours here and just loved to learn more about the Philippine culture.

At the end of a very busy day . . .

Back at our accommodation Marina de Bay Hotel Restaurant and Spa – Puerto Princesca, with a beautiful view over the lake and a bottle of wine with compliments from our host!