Island Hopping in El Nido


  • 8:00am-8:30am hotel pick up
  • 9:30am depart El Nido Pier Harbor
  • Helicopter Island
  • Matinloc Shrine
  • 12:00pm lunch
  • Secret Beach
  • Tapiutan Island
  • Hidden Beach
  • 3:00pm end of tour

This was definitely one of our highlights of our whole trip to the island! This itinerary is only a basic idea – because it depends on certain circumstances – destinations could change – as ours did.

Again we’ve booked the TOUR through, because their prizes are very good! As you can see there’s THREE main options: Tour A, B or C. Basically I think it doesn’t matter which tour you choose – it will all be EXCELLENT!!

We chose Tour C and it was absolutely breathtaking! And our day was a beautiful sunny day. How lucky can we be?

Pick-up at hotel:

Make sure to wear some of those water booties, as their could be rocks in the water. If you don’t have booties, don’t worry, you can hire a pair right on the beach before you leave. Remember your sunscreen and a hat. As you are all day out on the open water. If you want to take pictures, make sure to have plastic bags that are water-resistant to safeguard to photography equipment or cellphones.

Another thing to keep in mind, take cool-drink and water with as there’s not really shops around to buy from. Only at some of the stops there’s locals on little boats that sell something to drink.

And we were lucky again, because I think we were only 8 tourists on our boat, so it wasn’t that crowded.

Just a few highlights of our day:

Matinloc Shrine
limestone rock formations
Delicious Lunch Included in the Tour Package
Me and the deep blue see

Island Hopping is a definite MUST in El Nido!!!

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