Pyamaluguan Sabang Waterfall

The LONG WALK to find the waterfall!

As if we didn’t had enough exercise for one day, we’ve decided to have a quick visit to The Sabang Waterfall. I promise you . . . it wasn’t quick! But actually it was a very pleasant afternoon walk.

We walked through the village in Sabang and it was quite interesting to see how the locals live around here.

We walked all along the beach and was able take beautiful pictures as we went along.

We stopped at this area with all the interesting figures that were packed so artistically. More photographs were taken here on our way back.

LOTS of walking followed!!! But eventually we got to the WATERFALL.

You need to be warned . . . the beach is not soft and cover with sand – it is pebbles about all the way. So you need to put on comfortable shoes fit for this walking trip. Take enough water or something to drink as there are no shops on the way!

Again, if you love the beauty of nature . . . this WALK will be worth your while.

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