SABANG and the travels continue . . .

PALAWAN – Philippines

New little village awaits . . . Sabang.

We traveled from Puerto Princesa to Sabang with a “VAN”/Taxi. Very pleasant ride, very scenic all around. Again we’ve booked our transport ONLINE. It took about 3 hours, because of the stopover and then get onto Van number 2. But without any problems.

SABANG . . . O my!!!!! What a beautiful area!!! Definitely a piece of heaven! We just drank in the beauty the rest of the day and did not do much.

Accomodation in Sabang

Hill Myna Beach Cottages: Sabang, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Sabang, Philippines

Again I’ve booked beforehand through, without any problems. This type of accommodation was very cheap, but it fit in with the whole island vibe. If you love internet . . . . NO WI-FI here!!! We bought a drink at the restaurant next door, and then we got the Wi-Fi password there! So that was the only way to “connect” while we stayed here.

Throughout the day – NO ELECTRICITY!!! ONLY between 6 and 10 in the evening and a little while in the morning. So make sure to charge whatever you need to when there’s electricity. But to us it didn’t matter at all – because who wants to sit inside the whole day, if you have so many things to do and places to see?

We ended of the night by eating at one of the many little restaurants along the beach. The food was absolutely WOW!!!

If I must go back one day to Palawan, I would definitely visit Sabang again.

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