The travels of a teacher . . .

Once a year I travel with a friend to a new part of the world. As we save throughout the year for our ONE BIG holiday every year. It started out “small” as we went to the Island Zanzibar in 2016. But after that holiday – we were like WILD HORSES . . . nothing or nobody could stop us anymore, because the TRAVEL BUG has BITTEN!!!!

I am a Tourism Teacher at my current school and thus I’m the one making all the travelling plans, bookings and necessary arrangements. And my friend trusts me blindly by just getting on that plane and enjoy the holiday!

I’m in my 50’s and my friend in her 60’s – but travel is now in our blood. People would usually ask us, “Aren’t you two scared to travel all on your own?” The answer is a definite NO! We’ve been doing it now for 4 years and love every minute of it. This helps us strengthen our minds and bodies – as we are both teachers, and as you know that totally drains you . . .

We do little trips closer to home as well, like weekend breakaways and so on. But in my blog I would like to share more our World Travels with you.

So feel free to read and enjoy our trips with us!

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